What I Did Over The Easter Break

Over the Easter break my auntie and uncle are came to my house. I also worked at VBS at my church this break.

VBS[Vacation Bible School]- when kids come for the morning and play games and learn about god.


I love working at VBS because all the kids are so nice and you can make some new friends. I also learn good leadership skills.

I love when we sing songs because the kids get so into it. They just love to sing and dance. It makes me feel so good watching them just have so much fun.vbs2[1] I did VBS all week over the break. My uncle also came down during the break. He was helping my dad get ready to sell some farm equipment. We and lots of fun with him and I beat him at badminton. He already left and I miss him now. Hopefully I can see him soon again.imagesZIHJRMO3I really like sports! Especially playing them with friends and family. That is pretty much all I did over the break. We also had a nice Easter supper, just plain and simple. We had the normal turkey and potatoes.

What did you do over Easter break?


Do I Like School?

School is it fun or not? A question lots of us ask. School can sometimes be fun nut sometimes not. It depends on the teacher. Some teachers are boring and talk the whole time. Well others get you doing fun stuff. This is what seems to happen when your teacher is boring.

Group of bored pupils in a classroom, during lesson.

Sometimes the teacher talks so long and you practically fall asleep. Like these kids. sometimes I’d rather do 20 textbook questions than listen to some teachers talk..

Things I hate doing with class are-

-writing goals we want to accomplish

-listening to teachers talk about boring stuff

-writing a million pages

My favorite main subjects are social and math. They are pretty good classes we don’t do to much hard core stuff. the best classes are when you have a awesome teacher. That doesn’t talk forever and gives you lots of fun hands on things to do like this class.

image33[1]I hope you liked this blog and comment if you like school or not and if you have a good teacher.


My Sports

I like to do all the school sports they offer at my school. They have volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track and field.  My favourites are volleyball, basketball and badminton. I don’t like track and field as much as the others. I might not do track and field this year but I’m still deciding.

sports-balls[1] Right now badminton is going on. I play singles. I’m have played at a few grade 9 tournaments even though I’m in grade 8. The grade 9 singles girl has been at club volleyball lately and can’t go to some of the tournaments. I have been filling in for her. I love badminton so much it is so much fun.

Did you know?

– Badminton is the second most popular sport in the world, after soccer for awhile.

-The first “hoops” were actually just peach baskets and the first backboards were made of wire.

-Most volleyball players jump about 300 times a match.


I volleyball my team won first at districts.  I play middle. I stand either in the middle front or the middle back on our court. I love to block and spike. That is why I like the front better than the back. Spiking is awesome because it gives you so much power. It makes me feel in control. It feels awesome.

volleyball-players-positions-on-court[1]                                    Here is an idea on where we stand on the court


My basketball team did pretty good this year we placed second in districts. I love doing  school sports because you get to meet lots of new people and make new friends. I loved my basketball team this year all the girls were so nice and a lot of fun. I learned so much.


I like a lot of other sports to like baseball and soccer but I can’t do them all because I live on a farm and it is to hard to drive everywhere. I love doing all my sports and I wouldn’t be the same without them.

Which sport is your favorite? Comment down below.



My First Blog

My name is Katie. I live in Canada.  I’m in grade 8. I have two cats named Jasper and Albert.  I love my cats! I’m planning to have a million cats when I grow up. Who needs a husband when you can have cats.crazy_cat_lady_toxo[1]

I also love sports! My favourite sports are volleyball, basketball, and badminton. I was on my school teams for volleyball and basketball. I have to try out for badminton now. I love my school sports cause all my friends can do it with me.
I think I like visual learning better than other styles because I like seeing things written out so I can visually see it. I like assignments like writing stories, doing essays, and typing or writing paragraphs. I prefer to get work done right away opposed to having homework. I don’t have the best art skills. Ok I suck at art that’s why I’m like writing paragraphs and essays opposed to drawing pictures.


Once we had an assignment we had to choose drawing a picture or writing paragraphs because I know if I would have chosen to draw the picture but I would have got a pretty bad mark if I did. I did pretty well on the paragraphs though. That time made for sure understand I’m definitely a more visual learner in writing not in drawing.


Other Learning Styles I Like Are:

Logical Learning

verbal learning


I think digital learning would be good for the world. We could all learn together and stay connected.  We could learn new cultures and beliefs and get to know each other better. Kids are pretty good with new technology these days and it would be more fun than sitting in a class listening to your teacher talk. I think learning would improve greatly with new technology. If we all had a computer or the school had computers we could do everything on the computer and not on a white board. We could experience the world and different beliefs.  It would make learning fun rather than listening to someone talk for a long time. That’s why I think we should open up digital learning every where. I think it could improve the world a lot.




My blog is going to be on cats. Cats are great hunters and can be excellent companions.




Did you know?

– cats spend about 2/3 of their day sleeping

– cats have three eyelid

– a cat’s tail contains nearly 10% of the bones in its body

more facts on cats:http://www.factslides.com/s-Cats


Cats can be very good at catching mice and birds. They are very agile and can run up to a speed of 30mph only in sprints. I think that is pretty good considering they are quite small compared to their relatives.

Cats can hunt and be aggressive but they also have a fun playful side to them. All cats love to play. Cats can either be cute or annoying when they are playing. It depends. If they are on top of you and biting your fingers it does get a little annoying. But if they are playing with something else it can be quite cute. Here is a video of cats playing. do you think cats are cute?

I have 2 indoor cats they aren’t as cute as these cats. My cats are named Jasper and Albert. They are fat and to lazy to play. my cats don’t do anything. They are kind of boring and all they do is eat and sleep. The only reason they ever get up is so they can re-adjust positions or find some where else to sleep.

This is what my cats look like!

Jasper is fatter than Albert and probably the worlds laziest cat ever. He barley lifts his head to eat even.